I love donuts with sprinkles. I can't get enough coffee...

Hi there I'm Anna Metz, I love donuts with sprinkles. I can’t get enough coffee, champagne or sweet tea. I think flowers brighten up any space. I think everyone should have a garden, big or small, because cultivating life is a beautiful, simple joy. I believe you can do anything with the right attitude. I believe a trip to the lake is good for the soul. And I started this little dream back in two thousand and fifteen scared, unsure and excited.


As a maker, creator and designer it is the mission of AM Creative Studio to provide quality, handmade products that inspire beauty and productivity through artistry and craft. AM Creative Studio aspires to be a sustainable, compassionate, authentic company through the curation of an individual, delightful customer experience, providing classic, sophisticated designs and products. And was founded on and continues to operate by these key guidelines: honesty, compassion, authenticity, sustainability, creativity, accessibility and quality.

I would love nothing more than to grab a cup of coffee and hear about your exciting ideas. Head over to the contact form and let me know how you think AM Creative Studio can help turn your dream into reality.